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The Latest Comments and Feedback About the Unicorn Bundle

Lucas H

Hi, I’ve recently purchased your Unicorn bundle. Honestly I haven’t seen anything better on the divi market yet. I hope you are working on some new consistent ‘theme’ that you can put into another bundle.

In terms of feedback, I wonder if you can design something more sleek and subtle in terms of animations. Delicate. Also if animations can possibly happen when you scroll onto the page – i.e. an icon that bounces once or twice and stops or it can loop forever etc. Either way, i’m very eager to see what you can come up with next. Would be happy to pay even more if I knew I’m getting a good bunch of varied animations and templates put together.

Again, really impressed and happy customer :) Do more asap and take my money please ;) 

Andy B

Hi, first, I love the unicorn layout kit, going to save so much time and allow quick mock ups for clients. Super excited about it.

Flowed by …. 

Thank you Christiaan!  Appreciate the great support.
If you want beta testers for your new bundle I am happy to get on board! I will definitely be purchasing it, the unicorn pack is so useful for developing. Please keep up the great work.